Tramontano Castle

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Tramontano Castle

The Tramontano Castle overlooks both the historic center and its population.

Located on the Lapillo hill, it must have originally been a Norman residence which must have consisted of eight square towers. This was used as a defense fortress and was equipped with a bridge and a moat of which a part remains today.

The castle bears the name of the count it belonged to. The king of Naples Ferdinando II had ceded the feud of Matera to the count. The latter had claims against the crown. This decision was not well received by the population. Matera in fact had already paid a ransom to remain a free city. The king of Naples had promised not to give the feud of Matera to anyone.

Tired of the taxes that weighed on the citizens who largely served for the construction of the castle, a group of some men ambushed the count. On 29 December 1915, returning from the Cathedral after a short escape, he was caught and killed. The place where the events took place was then called via del Riscatto. The Tramontano Castle remained unfinished. Today the moat and the walls are being recovered with a long restoration. This is possible thanks to the funds obtained from the lotto game.

How to visit the Tramontano Castle

The castle is not open to the public. However, it is possible to visit it from the outside or inside thanks to the FAI days.

The Tramontano Castle is in Aragonese style with two side towers and a larger central keep. Looking frontally at the castle it is possible to see the facade of the cathedral and some buildings of the Civita.

Inside the walls and towers it is possible to see the classic openings in the walls for the defense of the castle.

the park in front of the Tramontano Castle is open to the public except when there are events and concerts.

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Monumento visitabile solo dall\'esterno

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