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The cathedral of Matera also known as the Cathedral of the Madonna della Bruna and of Sant ‘Eustachio is located on the Civita. Its style is Apulian Romanesque and dates back to the 13th century.

A bit of history

Completed in 1270, the new cathedral was placed to overlook all the houses that populated the Civita at the time. In order for it to stand out over the whole district, it was necessary to raise the base on which it is built for over six meters. This made it possible even today to be able to see the cathedral from anywhere in the historic center.

Before being dedicated to the Madonna della Bruna and Sant ‘Eustachio, this monument was dedicated to Santa Maria dell’Episcopio and even earlier to Santa Maria di Matera.

For over 13 years the Cathedral of Matera has undergone a series of consolidation interventions to make it safer and has been completely renovated. On March 5, 2016, the cathedral was returned to the city and to the many visitors who visit this monument every day.

Interior Cathedral

The cathedral inside preserves numerous works such as stuccoes, frescoes and sculptures. This place of worship has undergone numerous changes in its interior following what were the artistic periods that were lived in fact many stuccos were made later.

The high altar has also been restored in the past. It is very likely that there are numerous frescoes under the plaster, such as the one of the final judgment which resurfaced during some restoration works.

The internal plan of the cathedral is a Latin Cross with three naves with the central one higher than the external ones that are separated from the first by 10 columns with stone capitals that form the classic arches. Looking at the altar from the main entrance, one cannot help but notice the beauty of this place of care, especially after its restoration.

The Cathedral of Matera jealously preserves an ancient stone nativity scene made by Altobello Persio.

Cathedral exteriors

The Cathedral of Matera, like the rest of the Sassi is made of tuff. Its location allows it to be admired even from a distance. The front and right sides are clearly visible and more decorated. in the first there is the main door and the central rose window with sixteen rays. On the right side overlooking Piazza Duomo, the church is accessed through two minor doors which are Porta Piazza and Porta dei Leoni.

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