La Raccolta delle Acque

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La Raccolta delle Acque

“La Raccolta delle Acque” “The Water Collection” is one of the stops that cannot be missed while visiting the Sassi. It is a complex system of rain and spring water collection that underpins the existence of the civilization of the countryside of Matera from prehistoric times to today. Recognized in 93 as a UNESCO heritage site. The vital need to collect and store water combined with human ingenuity and ability has led the people of Matera to dig cisterns connected to the system of communicating vessels. A particular detail is the cladding of which cisterns and divers were made, that is the cocciopesto, a material obtained from crushed terracotta shards and plaster. It was used to waterproof the walls and you can see the level of the water that is the source of ancient evidence imprinted on them.


Novembre- Marzo: 10.00/ 13.00  dal 26-12 al 07-01  10.00/13.00 – 15.00/18.00
Aprile-Maggio-Giugno: 10.00/13.00  15.00-18.00
Luglio-Agosto: 10.00 / 18.30
Outside the visiting hours and periods, admission is allowed by reservation. The management of the Water Collection Museum recommends reservations for school groups, at least fifteen days before their arrival.

Info and reservations

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