Miniature Sassi

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 Miniature Sassi

Made in an artisan workshop, the Miniature Sassi have become one of the attractions of the city.

The work was created out of pure passion in the 90s by the master Rizzi who never would have thought that they would become so important for the Città dei Sassi. The structure of the Miniature is arranged on an area of ​​12 square meters and weighs 35 quintals. The craftsman later taught his children the craft and passion. The details and details are astounding, three years of work for the realization of this magnificent work that you can appreciate in the city of Matera. In the artist’s workshop you will also find other works, all handmade and for sale for tourists and collectors’ lovers.

How to visit the Miniature Sassi

This miniature of the Sassi can be visited for free. They are easy to reach because they are on via Fiorentini. Opposite you can visit the Casa Grotta c’era una Volta set up with tuff figures made by the same craftsman


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Visita guidata dei Sassi di Matera

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Tour of the Sassi of Matera

Tourist Guide - Tour of the Sassi di Matera allows you to have a complete overview of what the City of Sassi offers.

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Tour with ape calessino

The Tour with a bee calessino of the Sassi of Matera is a valid alternative to the walking tour to visit the City of the Sassi.

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Tour of altopiano Murgico

The Tour of altopiano Murgico plateau will allow you to get to know the city of the Sassi from another point of view. Book now. Cancellation is FREE

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Andrea - August 17 2020:

Negozietto carino con ingresso gratuito dove si può ammirare una bellissima miniatura dei Sassi

Giulia - August 19 2020:

I sassi in miniatura sono stati moto apprezzati dai bimbi. In realtà sembra un presepe

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