Come funzionano i pagamenti?

The tourist portal “Sassi di Matera” was created for an association for the sole purpose of promoting the territory. It is in no way a tourist agency and therefore cannot carry out monetary transactions of any kind.

Reservations are made with the common sense rule. No payment is to be made at the time of booking. The payment of services must be made to the operator who provides it directly on the spot.

“Sassi di Matera” provides its visitors with a section with restaurants that will be contacted directly. The portal is foreign to any booking. Any booking excludes the site from any negotiations.

“Sassi di Matera” has an affiliate system with All bookings made on the website Follow the payment methods of the site itself The facilities with direct contact have agreed with the customer during the booking, excluding this site from any negotiations.

Come suggerite di visitare Matera?

Visiting Matera and the Sassi can be more complex than expected. The attractors are many and the historical part consisting of two neighborhoods is very large is composed of alleys and narrow streets in which it is easy to get lost. If you visit the Sassi di Matera on your own, we recommend that you walk through the only driveway and follow them on the various tourist routes. the ideal is to rely on a guided tour that in a few hours will make you visit the main routes accompanied by an exhaustive explanation.

The Stones of Matera, despite having been partially renovated, maintain stone flooring that are not suitable for soles and heels. We encourage you to use appropriate clothing with flat shoes, sneakers or rubber soles. It is always recommended to carry a bottle of water

For the disabled it is possible to make guided tours depending on the disability For people in wheelchairs who want to do the Guided Tour with Ape Calessino it will be possible to leave the wheelchair at the information point and then resume it at the end of the tour. You can also make guided tours of the Matera Sassi in LIS language for groups to be budgeted.

Quali sono le raccomandazioni?

The growing development of tourism in the “City of the Sassi” has inevitably created figures who do not comply with the laws qualify as operators of the sector.

Be wary of anyone who approaches to propose to take a guided tour with them unless they accompany you to one of the many information points of the city.

Matera like many other cities has the old town with limited traffic zones. Please ask the accommodation, restaurant or other service provider in advance, if it is located in that area and what times and modes of access are. Special permits can be used for accommodation in the Sassi di Matera.

The central area of the city is equipped with parking lots both on the road and covered from which you can easily reach the tourist part.